Five Must-Have Features for your Business Cards

If you run a business, then your business card says who you are and what you do. If you are meeting with a potential client or customer and you give them your card, this could help them decide whether they want to do business with you as usually, it’s the first point of contact. So, getting it right is important. Here we look at the five key features that all business cards should include.


It can be tempting to fill the small amount of space on your business card with every single piece of information that you can think of. However, the amount of space left blank is almost as important as the included information. Using too much information can make the card cluttered and difficult to read. It can also look unprofessional, so think carefully about what is essential.

Essential Information

Your business card must include some basic information about what your business is or a short summary of what you do. For example, if you do business card printing in Essex, then make sure you say this on the card. Including your job title can also be useful for potential clients or customers, and you are more likely to be remembered than someone whose card only includes their name.

Your Name

Although it seems obvious, not everyone includes their name on their business card. This can make it difficult if people want to try to get hold of you following a meeting, as filing a card that doesn’t include a name is virtually impossible.

Contact Details

Part of a business card’s value is that it provides all of your contact details so people can immediately see the various ways they can get hold of you, although these needn’t be exhaustive. At the very least, your card should include a phone number and email as well as any social media routes such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Good Quality

It is pointless getting the content of a business card exactly right if the quality of the card isn’t really up to much. Your card will help people to decide if they want to work with you, and if the quality isn’t great then they may make their mind up before you even have the meeting. Recommendations are a great way to find good printing services, so if you are looking for business card printing in Essex, for example, then recommendations are a great way to test the quality of the product you will be getting.

If your business card doesn’t include all of these, then maybe it is time for a re-design. Your card will help you create new opportunities and is your ‘shop window’ for new customers and clients at a first face-to-face meeting. This is why making sure it includes all of the key features is important. Hopefully, this has given you some ideas for ways that your business card could be improved and help you to win more business. It’s something that could ultimately add to your success.

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