[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Office supplies are the mainstay of any business. Letters, presentations, agendas, reports, memos – not one of these could happen unless there is toner, paper and all the other stationery essentials employees use. Despite this, it is all too easy to take these supplies for granted.

Quality Stationery Suppliers

Saving money is high on the list of priorities for every firm. However, there is a fine line between getting a good deal on products and false economy. Bargain products may not be what they seem, and spending a little more upfront to ensure you are getting a good-quality product can save not only money but a lot of work too.
Take paper, for example. There are varying grades of paper, and using the right sort for your machines could avoid frequent paper jams and the resulting expensive downtime. In the same way, toner can have a huge effect on the quality of documents – and the impression made on customers, partners and clients.

Cut Down on Complexity

Office supplies do not need to be complicated. So keep things simple. In this way employees can be free to carry out their jobs without having to worry about problems associated with printing and ordering. Businesses which do not have a set protocol when it comes to maintaining equipment and ordering various supplies risk losing control. Setting out approved suppliers, which products are required, how much, when and who is responsible for ordering them will save time, space and money in the long term.

To save even more time and money, firms should consider using a supplier where ordering online is quick and easy. No more lengthy catalogues to go through! Saving certain products as favourites to ensure you can check out in just a few seconds is another time-saving trick. Avoid any uncertainty by having a strict limit on who can complete orders (and authorise them). This will also help prevent ordering too much or the wrong items.

Ordering office supplies can turn into a lengthy task, taking regular employees away from their core competencies and responsibilities. Although it may seem like just a few minutes at a time, this can soon add up. Employers should consider limiting this additional admin from staff by creating simple order methods with quality stationery suppliers, either automated, over the phone or online. Add in clear instructions in terms of who is allowed to order and it will make the whole process easier and more efficient for everyone.


Try to use quality stationery suppliers who are able to provide the majority of your supplies and then combine all items into one easy-to-read invoice. This makes the payment process far easier. Many office suppliers are happy to provide management reports to their customers. These will clarify any hidden costs and give finance departments a better idea as to total stationery costs. With a clearer outline of what is being used, cost-saving adjustments can be made where necessary.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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