All too often whiteboards are seen as just a classroom or boardroom tool to be scribbled on, erased and forgotten about. However, creative workspaces are showing us just how versatile they can be. Suppliers of magnetic whiteboards in Essex have seen a huge rise in novel approaches to getting work done and here are some of the best ideas to date.

1. As an idea catcher

The great thing about writing on a whiteboard is that it is temporary, however, that can also be its greatest drawback. Its second biggest advantage is that it allows ideas to evolve, be written down, erased and re-worded. But again, every time a word is erased it could be lost forever. For this reason, we love taking a photo every few minutes to track the progress. These photos can then be projected and new connections and ideas between the generations found.

2. The interactive virtual assistant

One of the most effective uses of magnetic whiteboards in Essex has to be the group calendar and schedule planner. This requires that users populate the shared daily, weekly or monthly planner with their schedules to create an office overview. This has the advantage over Outlook of being of a much larger format and this helps teams get a concise overview. The end effect is an office assistant who isn’t really there. Every user makes micro adjustments to improve the flow of the day.

3. Multimedia eye catcher

Just like a scrapbook, a magnetic whiteboard can be used to display a range of media. Attach printed images and physical samples to the board and then link them together with words and drawings in pen. This approach to displaying ideas has far more impact that a printed presentation and certainly more than a whiteboard full of scribbles. Users can also personalise their designs by adding a magnetic photo frame with their photo inside.

4. Your new desk

If you’re the type of person who needs to scribble while you talk or write information down which is only used once, a whiteboard desk might be the answer. Users of magnetic whiteboards in Essex are singing the advantages of this approach in the paper-free office. At the end of the day, once you’ve packed your notebook away, just write ‘Clean Me’ in the middle to let Building Services know they can wipe it clean.

5. Team building games

Not every team has the time or the budget to head out to a country house for the weekend, but a whiteboard marker and magnetic dart can quickly be turned into an impromptu team building experience. Simply draw a target and invite team members to join in. Don’t forget to leave space for a scoreboard too.
With these top ideas, every office can use their whiteboard to increase productivity and team adhesion without investing in new equipment. However, with so many good concepts, you might want to finance a few more magnetic whiteboards.

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